In Process


What is Winterstone?

Winterstone: Developed by Engineer and Sculptor, Lorne Winters.

A dry white powder mix, which is a complex multi-component cementitious mixture. After mixing with water, it produces a workable material which eventually sets as hard as stone. The inclusion of proper reinforcing elements produces a structurally efficient composite material that can be shaped into any complexity of form. The hardened Winterstone surface can be refined with abrasives and polished. It can be integrally pigmented or externally patinated.

I have been, casting my sculptures in Winterstone. The product continues to amaze me, as does Lorne.

Lorne has been an amazing mentor, who continues to teach me so much about his product, and about sculpting.

Thank you, Lorne.

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My smart phone is always on hand to observe, document and present all aspects of the clay’s journey.

The lens provides feedback as it captures close up angles and various views, enabling the clay to communicate. The clay then becomes dynamic with energy and life. Conception.

Photographing my work has become a huge part of my process. Taking several photos of each sculpture from start to finish renders many interpretations of the piece, some are exhibited on my site.

Creating each photo is a joy in itself. I didn’t expect this, but the photos are starting to stand alone for me from the sculptures.

This ‘standing alone’ means a new fascination with the background behind, and around the figures as I set out to photograph them. The appeal is beyond lighting and angles, but with texture and colour which is leading me to work on canvas - a nice break from the clay. Who knows where this is going, but I’m loving the journey.

A big thanks to my greatest influencer, Colleen Craig.